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National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) represents an enduring democratic political coalition, founded in Tehran in July 1981, which has steadfastly sought an end to religious dictatorship, and promotes a free and democratic Iran based on its platform



As Mario Draghi retired, we are witnessing a two-edges phenomenon: on the one hand, the counter-revolution is gathering steam under the banner of a proper interest rate on money; on the other hand, the absence of the predicted inflation gave new clout to the questioning of economic postulates regarding the value of money under the ‘modern monetary theory’ or other labels.

(…) The present disarray seems to me the appropriate point in time to get back to the two main issues (1) the nature of economics and (2) the political construction of an equitable and efficient monetary system. 

For debunking economics I concluded that one needs to deepen the understanding of the ethical and religious dimension of money. This must be done both within and out of the Western world, both in antiquity and in the modern times; finally, a parallel to the gravitational model with which the modern concepts of value were built must be fully explored. These are tasks that call for the cooperation of experts on ancient languages and cultures – most in particular classic Greek – physicists, historians and economists, or better, people knowledgeable of economic theories.

As for the political construction of a monetary system I argued for the necessity of giving priority to external accounts; the need of democratising its control and better understanding its foundations. (…)



Paulo Casaca is the Founder and Executive Director of the South Asia Democratic Forum. He is also the Founder of a international co-operation association registered in Brussels called ARCHumankind, “Alliance to Renew Co-operation among Humankind”, the Founder of the “Euro Reform Initiative”, the Founder of a consultancy company on sustainable development registered in Brussels called “Lessmeansmore”, Land and Energy Sustainable Systems, and was Fellow of the German Marshall Fund of the US in the first semester of 2010. (…)



South Asia Democratic Forum, SADF, is a non-profit organisation registered in Brussels created on February 3, 2011. SADF was formally inaugurated in the European Parliament on March 22, 2011 in the presence of several European Parliamentarians and the South Asian diplomatic community in Brussels.

Inspired by the aims and perspectives of the global initiative “Alliance to Renew Co-operation among Humankind”, ARCHumankind, SADF is a European initiative that was born as a dialogue platform on South Asia and its relations with the European Union. In 2012 SADF became a think tank, aimed at becoming the political reference for democracy and cooperation between the two regions.

ARCHumankind is member of South Asia Democratic Forum.



The Foundation of the Friends of Human Rights is actively engaged in improving the situation of the Iranian people is located and committed to defend human rights in Iran.