Qatar parliamentary bribes

Image credits: Website of the European Parliament sub committee on Human Rights

The Islamist machine penetrating Europe 

On December the ninth, on the eve of the international Human Rights Day, Belgium’s Federal Prosecutor’s Office made public a judicial investigation into the bribery of members of the European Parliament by Qatar. The investigation targeted several members and staff of the European Parliament, most in particular the Parliament’s subcommittee on Human Rights, (also known by the acronym DROI) in connection with two human rights organisations headquartered in Brussels. 

The public’s attention was naturally focused on the highest-profile politician arrested (and the high amounts of money found in possession of indicted individuals). However, the underlying political message brought by individuals and institutions now indicted of  ‘criminal organisation’ is probably of much greater concern.

For, reasonably enough, no large ‘criminal organisation’ is needed when the aim is simply to receive some appraisal by a high-ranking European official. On the other hand, the fact that said official’s speeches were  quite in-line with the positions of many other European officials suggests a larger, more encompassing issue at stake.

The recent praising of Qatar as a front runner of labour rights naturally shocked public opinion, as it occurred exactly at the same time as much attention was drawn to the immense human tragedies incurred during the construction of the 2022 Football World Cup’s infrastructure. The European Parliament itself expressed great concern over the matter.

However, European actions have failed to live up to such concerns. Whereas the investigation of private financial circuits is only possible under full judicial authority, and therefore European political authorities cannot be entirely blamed for not detecting all the facts ascertained by this Belgium judicial operation, said authorities have no excuse for failing to understand the Islamist agenda pursued by organisations they lavishly financed – and which, incredibly enough, were invited to participate in the development of European policies, supposedly defending ‘human-rights’ and ‘democracy’. 

Last week’s report by the ‘Corriere Della Sera’s special envoy on the European Parliament goes further on the issues with political significance, namely as concerns the presence of a well-known Iranian-regime lobbyist within the DROI – needless to say, manoeuvring on behalf of pro-Islamist legislation. 

The ‘State of Impunity’ reports presented in the European Parliament’s subcommittee on Human Rights fully endorse Qatar’s ecumenic Islamist vision. The disguise through hundreds of pages tackling issues either irrelevant to human rights or irrelevant altogether does not change this fact. 

Only utmost political incompetence – and/or ethical dishonesty – can justify the failure to understand what it means for the European Parliament’s subcommittee on Human Rights to endorse a vision wherein the greatest human-rights tragedy of 2021, the conquest of Afghanistan by the Taliban, is underplayed – and wherein the killings of the Muslim Brotherhood’s operative Jamal Khashoggi (and of the most important global terrorist network’s leader Qassem Soleimani) are both presented as top human-rights tragedies. 

As SADF has recently pointed out, the eighty million euros in grants provided by European institutions to organisations openly connected with Muslim Brotherhood networks are only the tip of the iceberg. The present bribe scandal is a confirmation of this fact. 

Still, as SADF stressed in its investigation on the ‘disinfoLab’ disinformation network – a network masquerading as ‘anti-Russian’ and targeting those who resist the Islamist agenda – the key instruments of interference in the European institutions used by Islamists were borrowed from across the Atlantic. For the Islamist infiltration in the United States’ official circles is even more widespread than is the case in Europe, as was shown by Cynthia Farhat’s recent research. 

As I have abundantly proved, Qatar is also using international environmental NGO networks to aggressively eliminate weaker political competitors in the gas-supply market. 

Europe is confronted with a full-fledged armed aggression by Russia in its Eastern borders. The German political establishment now recognises that European appeasement policies were a major cause for the Russian aggression. Unfortunately, only after the neo-soviet imperial ambitions caused immense losses of life and destruction!

There are now two things that the European establishment should rapidly recognise if it wants to avoid the repetition of such a scenario. The first is that the Jihadi ideology has global imperial aims similar in nature to those of other totalitarian ideologies such as the soviet one. The second is that both neo-sovietism and Islamism are quite able to disguise themselves and to plainly use a vast disinformation and manipulation paraphernalia, including disguising themselves as ‘anti-Russian’ – or alternatively as ‘the saviours of Christianity against Islam’. 

Image credits: Website of the European Parliament sub committee on Human Rights

Brussels, 2022.12.17

(Paulo Casaca) 

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