Réunion à l’Assemblée nationale

Jean-Philippe Maurer Depute du Bas-Rhin, Pascal Deguilhem Depute de la Dordogne, Gerar Charasse Depute de l’Allier, Jean-Pierre Brard Depute de la Seine-Saint-Denis
ont le plaisir de vous inviter a une reunion d’information sur la situation sensible de plus de 3000 refugies iraniens au camp Achraf en Irak,
en presence de
M. le Prefet honoraire, Yves BONNET, ancien Directeur de la DST
M. Paulo CASACA, Directeur de l’ONG « ARCHumankind » et ancien eurodepute portugais, auteur d’une enquete au camp Achraf intitulee « Les Moudjahidine du Peuple d’Iran – rapport de Mission »

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ARCHumankind in solidarity with the plight of Iranians for freedom and democracy

ARCHumankind, represented by its director, Paulo Casaca, has been present in a series of rallies in Europe to support the Iranian community plight for freedom. On 15 June in Brussels, on 28 and 29 of June and on 12 and 13 July in Ashraf, Albania and on 27 July in London, he spoke on behalf of a different policy regarding Iran based on the respect of human dignity and the international order, confronting the internal and the external threats of the theocracy.

ARCHumankind appeals Australia on behalf of whistle-blower Bernard Collaery

On 8 August 2019, ARCHumankind appealed to Justin Brown, the Ambassador of Australia to the European Union, on the occasion of the ongoing legal proceedings against Mr Bernard Collaery, the former attorney-general of the Australia Capital Territory, who is facing charges under Section 39 of the Intelligence Services Act.

ARCHumankind submits feedback to the European Commission on the revision of Regulation (EU) 2019/125 on dual use goods used for torture

On 18 July 2019, ARCHumankind submitted its position and feedback on the review of Regulation (EU) 2019/125. ARCHumankind supports the European Commission's commitment to the...



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