Réunion à l’Assemblée nationale

Jean-Philippe Maurer Depute du Bas-Rhin, Pascal Deguilhem Depute de la Dordogne, Gerar Charasse Depute de l’Allier, Jean-Pierre Brard Depute de la Seine-Saint-Denis
ont le plaisir de vous inviter a une reunion d’information sur la situation sensible de plus de 3000 refugies iraniens au camp Achraf en Irak,
en presence de
M. le Prefet honoraire, Yves BONNET, ancien Directeur de la DST
M. Paulo CASACA, Directeur de l’ONG « ARCHumankind » et ancien eurodepute portugais, auteur d’une enquete au camp Achraf intitulee « Les Moudjahidine du Peuple d’Iran – rapport de Mission »

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Territoriality, identity, and representation

Belgium authorities sanction EU DisinfoLab

In 2018, an organisation called EU DisinfoLab engaged in what SADF’s analysis considered to be the most important disinformation act in contemporary times, convincing both the French political establishment and the French press of the existence of a supposed, major Russian conspiracy – which DisinfoLab itself later admitted was false. 

Webinar ABU DHABI Airport Attack – The Iran Connection

On January 21, 2022, ARCHumankind organised an online seminar regarding the attack on the Abu Dhabi International Airport by the Yemeni Ansar Allah, also known as the ‘Houthis’. The terror assault against this internationally crucial infrastructure, where some European countries have military facilities, caused severe damages, and led to at least three fatalities. The group is part of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) network led by the Iranian regime and has been waging war against Yemeni authorities throughout the last decade. 



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