ARCHumankind director participates in the interparliamentary intergroup for the support of Ahwaz, Kuwait

On 21 December 2019, Paulo Casaca director of ARCHumankind, participated as a former Member of the European Parliament in the meeting launching the interparliamentary intergroup for the support of Ahwaz in Kuwait.

The meeting was held at the initiative of Dr Abdullah Fahad Al-Enzi, Chairman of the Political Committee in the Kuwaiti Parliament.

Addressing dozens of parliamentarians, former parliamentarians and human rights leaders from Mauritania, Somalia, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Bahrain, Syria, Yemen, Kuwait and Iran (Ahwaz), Paulo Casaca declared himself very honoured to be the only non-Arab entity invited for the gathering.

He paid his respects to the fallen Ahwazi on the recent uprising against the theocratic regime and stressed that the conference should extend its sympathy to the whole Iranian people and Iranian Resistance which equally defied the regime all over the country.

The former European parliamentarian commended the words of Dr Abdullah Al-Enzi and other Kuwait parliamentarians which denounced the domination of the theocracy over four Arab capitals and the need to revive Arab unity on the basis of human rights and a policy of non- ethnic or religious discrimination.

ARCHumankind enthusiastically congratulates this Kuwaiti human rights initiative and wishes that intense dialogue and cooperation will be established between European and Arab representatives as well as civil society in search for a peaceful, democratic and free Arab world.

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