ARCHumankind in solidarity with the plight of Iranians for freedom and democracy

ARCHumankind, represented by its director, Paulo Casaca, has been present in a series of rallies in Europe to support the Iranian community plight for freedom. On 15 June in Brussels, on 28 and 29 of June and on 12 and 13 July in Ashraf, Albania and on 27 July in London, he spoke on behalf of a different policy regarding Iran based on the respect of human dignity and the international order, confronting the internal and the external threats of the theocracy.


From resisting tyranny to rebuilding a cradle of civilization

Tomorrow, July the 28th, we mourn those who have fallen ten years ago, on the first onslaught against Ashraf’s unarmed PMOI residents perpetrated by Iraqi forces at the request of the Iranian theocracy. This massacre was followed by several others, even larger and more inhuman – in Ashraf in April 2011 and September 2013 and in the Liberty camp from 2012 onwards. 

Other than those murdered on the spot, many more were injured – some succumbing from their wounds, others becoming disabled for life, and still others dying from lack of treatment because of the Iraqi siege. Some were kidnaped, and these can be seen as lucky insofar as international pressure did force Iraqi authorities to liberate them. These survivors could testify before the international community as regards the existence of a vast network of secret prisons in the country. Unfortunately, to this day, we were never able to know what happened to those kidnapped by the Iraqi Special Forces on September the 1st 2013.

The Iranian people – in particular those who dare express their opposition to the dictatorship – have been the main victims of the country’s totalitarian system. Last year alone thousands of Iranians were arrested, tortured and in some cases murdered – because of activities within resistance units or popular councils, or simply because of what they think or the religion they or their relatives follow. 

For all those Iranian heroes who have perished, were disabled for life, or are held in prison and often tortured, I convey my deepest respects. 

Member of the Portuguese Parliament, Luís Leite Ramos headed the Portuguese delegation made up of other Members of Parliament Cecilia Meireles, Vânia da Silva, Antonio Costa Silva and Antonio Lima Costa. They gave a speech in Ashraf, Albania on 13 July 2019 at the annual meeting of the Iranian opposition.

One thing the Iranian people learned is that the more there is talk of engagement with the regime, the more there is hell for all those who seek freedom, justice and democracy in the country. 

And the same applies to the international community. Can we forget that the international community closed its eyes on the war promoted by the Iranian led Islamic Revolutionary Guards in the whole of the Middle East? 

And can we ignore that the West disregarded red-lines in Syria? That we hid from public opinion massive amounts of explosive materials in London, or that we financed a billion dollar “Eco-chamber” of Iranian propaganda within the Western press, supposedly in the name of “peace” that would be achieved through a Nuclear Deal? 

And how come that this deal – sold to the international community as assuring “peace in a life time” – is ostensibly broken by the Mullahs who want European countries to pay them more money than what the Obama administration has already paid?

How can we Europeans have such incompetent leaders, blinded to the facts through the psychopathy of appeasement and unable to learn the most obvious lessons from Hitler’s aggression? 

When the Iranian authorities bombed the first oil tankers in the Gulf region, the international community focused for months on the literally byzantine discussion of proving whether they did it, and the result is that now they even boast on their piracy, making propaganda on the latest tanker seizure.  

The mullahs only understand one language, and this is the language of violence. Until the moment the international community responds in a clear and unified way to their acts of aggression, we may be certain not to see any improvement.

The Iranian disinformation machine, through its lobbies in politics and the press or through its own trolls, has been very active inventing sinister activities purportedly developed in Ashraf, delirious diplomatic voyages and encounters by the Iranian opposition leader. More recently this machine even developed the absurd argument that we should praise the theocracy in the name of the country’s civilizational glories. 

The head of the theocratic lobby in the United Kingdom, Jack Straw, just came up with this argument in his latest publication. The logic seems to be that praising the theocracy equates to praising Cyrus the Great for his engineering of the oldest known human rights code, or Sattar Khan for the earliest constitutionalist revolution in the region, or Mohammad Mosaddegh for one of the earliest nationalist, secular democratic movements. And, conversely, that following the lead of Massoud Rajavi – the leader of the Iranian democratic movement in 1979 – is to be equated with praising the enemies of the country’s multi-millenary civilizational achievements.

Having ruined the Iranian people’s present, the theocracy agents dream of ruining their past, as if to insure they will also ruin their future. 

They will not make it! Today, Iranians are resisting their jailers, but tomorrow, they will be devoted to re-establish the name and the standing of their country to the level that has been theirs in the past.

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