Mock Court in Tehran

Khamenei should answer for his crimes

In the wake of Belgium’s judicial condemnation of an Iranian diplomat for attempted murder against a gathering promoted by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) in Paris, the Iranian authorities organised a mock trial of NCRI leaders in Tehran. 

According to the IRNA, the theocracy’s official press agency, in the two-days event attended by many agents of the Intelligence Ministry, the so-called ‘judge’ Pour-Moridi threatened ‘the destruction of the PMOI’ (the People’s Mujahedin of Iran is the main component of the NCRI). 

The Islamo-fascist regime of Tehran has staged simulated trials in the past that preceded international terror attacks targeting opponents of the dictatorship. This should serve as a warning to European anti-terrorist forces regarding the possible repetition of such attempts.

The condemnation by the Belgian justice of an Iranian diplomat and three of his accomplices within the Iranian intelligence for their crimes sent a clear message to the Iranian terror operatives abroad that they can no longer take impunity for their crimes for granted. 

This is why the clerical regime is now trying to neutralise the impact of the Belgian judicial authorities’ decisions through a range of theatrics. 

ARCHumankind expresses its full solidarity with the Iranian opposition leaders targeted by this threat staged in Tehran and advises the Belgium authorities to stay firm in the face of Iranian threats, for the only way to prevent the repetition of past terror acts is to show these will not remain unpunished. 

A Court is in fact still necessary so as to try the spiritual leader of Iran as well as his accomplices for crimes against humanity. Such should be an international, impartial and competent Court. 

Brussels, 2021.12.03

Note: image from NCRI website

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